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Practice Creator is no longer available for purchase

Practice Creator

Practice Creator is designed for ice hockey coaches looking to save time and create organized practice plans. It features simple and neat creation of practice plans, playbooks and customized drill libraries. The coach can quickly develop practice plans that show player movement, cone placement, passing, shooting, timing and objectives for each drill. The drill library allows the coach to save and reuse drills so that you can save time by not recreating drills you use frequently. In addition, Practice Creator makes it easy for coaches to make playbooks for players and share with colleagues with its easy printing, emailing, and creation of internet html files.

Learn what Practice Creator 4.0 for Windows can do for you.

Practice Plans and Drills
Quickly save drills into your drill library, allowing you to quickly access stored drills. Browsing through your drill library can help you quickly find the perfect drill to help your team.

Maintain and Search Drill Library.
Using the new built in search engine, you can search the drill library and find specific drills or perhaps drills you have forgotten about, but that are the perfect workout for your team.

Create Playbooks.
Quickly and effectively, you can create a professional-looking playbook for your team, complete with rink diagrams and descriptions of the drill.

Share Drills.
With enhanced exporting, you can now email and generate html pages using Practice Creator. When you want to put a playbook online, or trade drills among other coaches, you will be able to with ease.


Practice Creator

$29.95 USD



12/31/22 Practice Creator is no longer available for purchase or demo..
Current licensees may continue to download software.

10/27/17 Version 4.0.24 Released.
Maintenance Release. Recommended for all users. Fixed Landscape Printing. Go to downloads page

8/6/17 Version 4.0.23 Released.
Added tool to draw bumpers.

8/18/11 Version 4 Released!.
Practice Creator 4 is available. Lots of new features. No cost upgrade for Version 3 users.

11/28/10 Version 3.0.32 Released
Version 3.0.32 is the final release of Practice Creator 3.

12/9/07 Drill Library Tutorial
We have developed a new tutorial on using the drill library. The tutorial shows you how to save drills into a drill library and how to reuse them in your practice plans. More>>


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